Look at the people around you

What are the important things in life? Are we putting first things FIRST? Are we making a difference and touching lives around us? Are we loving each other? Immediately after celebrating our daughters 2nd Birthday on Saturday, thieves wielding guns Broke into our compound, just about 7:37pm. Sadly they managed to steal from one of the houses but never came into our home. I sat and reflected how unsafe we are in many circumstances and was terrified for quite a while. As we sat there for hours with all the neighbours hurdled in our house I begun to wonder more about life.

I quietened myself to narrow down on whats really important; Family, Friends and GIVEWATTS. We must realise that WE ARE ONLY HERE FOR A TIME AND A SEASON we must make the best of it. You and i must LIVE NOW and experience life to the fullest. The greatest thing to remember is THIS WORLD IS NOT OUR HOME. For the time and the season we are here may we do our best with the little thats been put in
our hands. This week I have been able to start seing the people around me. Look at the people around YOU, the watchman, the caretaker, the neighbour, the driver, the beggar in the street, the widow, the friend, the sister, the friend the family, the brother around you and reach out.

2016-03-25 18.43.39


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  1. dkagunyu says:

    wooi sorry for what happened.. The babies have really grown.. soo happy for you and Soni.

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