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Thank you all to those who have reached out asking questions on the post GES2015 opportunities.Well great that some of you just want to tap into the opportunity with already existing ideas and some of you just don’t know how to go about it.

So I have decided to pen down afew ideas focusing on areas of social issues around us that would provide great avenues for social impact and also serving as an enabler for development.

House Helps

If you have visited many households in urban and some rural areas you are bound to get to see house helps or workers in the homes.

I often listen and hear about the drama they cause; one just wakes up and says “am leaving”, another says “am going home” only later to find out she’s been married by her local boyfriend, another just discovers she’s pregnant and wants to go home too. Let’s all admit it, the housework is not easy and it’s allot. All these are working at very little income and hence the lookout for greater or better opportunities elsewhere. Though sometimes it’s never the case there are people who value their house helps.

Why does this happen? Do the households ever take time to know them? Do they have time to know their life journey so far? Many are drop outs from school and have missed out great opportunities because they simply came from a challenged background. Let’s start and think – how many households are there in Nairobi or in kenya that have this househelps ?

Thinking numbers and clusters – how many can you get in an estate say Rongai, Kileleshwa, Buruburu, Kinoo, Ngong , Kiambu, Runda, etc

What opportunities do I see here?

  • Evening classes in the estates for both those who dropped out of primary school and secondary school. Most have dreams of completing or going back to school. Just like everybody else. They had dreams of being something or someone like we all had of being pilots, doctors and engineers. The only professions our parents always wanted us to be.
  • ICT learning and training. With kenya now being the silicon savanna what can’t we do with the technological advancement to come. There’s so much potential E-commerce , e-marketing, e-learning anything. They can provide the workforce needed for call centers that will soon come up with the ICT infrastructure development going on as well.
  • Training on art and being artisans The recent funds for women and youth are for artisans. You surely know that with e-commerce they can sell their products and earn a good livelihood. Websites are now easy to build and selling online will soon be a norm. We must prepare ourselves for this.
  • Training on all basic/engaging household duties, safety and first aid. Yes this may seem quite hard to do but would you rather an all rounded helper in the house or not?If they are trained then their employers won’t have a problem paying them the required salary as per law. That’s just an opinion many are still paid Kshs.2,000/- to Kshs.6,000/-. I also assume that people are becoming progressive and want to empower others. Pay them the required salary.

I know by now your asking yourself won’t they quit their household chores and therefore their employers become the biggest challenge.

Yes this is a risk likely to happen – like every other business. How can you avert this? Package the idea to benefit both the employer and the house help. They have dreams too, if you talk to them they will tell you, unless your the shouting type.

Many of this are women lets break the barriers in enabling the women around us. Try provide a savings fund for them so that they can save up for their own future and children because some of them have a child living in their rural home or may come in the near future. They need guidance too around such matters.All this things have a viral effect all around us but we can scale social impact for them.

I write this because even in my dreams I wouldn’t have the bandwidth to do this but am sure theirs someone out there who just needs a spark to start something.

Ideas have a shelf life – quote by Edwin Macharia – Dalberg

So action now while you still can.



One Comment Add yours

  1. MerciK says:

    Very thought provoking… will have a word with my domestic worker about her plans and see how we can help each other. Cheers Michael

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