Youth and Women Entrepreneurs

Opportunity favours a prepared mind. Those ideas you have been toiling, tossing and turning at night struggling with them because you have lacked finance – those days are about to be over.

If your a youth with great ideas on innovation or technology this is the best time to tap into the massive opportunities that came with this years GES2015Kenya summit. Youth and Women have been and are set to be key pace setters in generating growth and reducing unemployment in the next few years. This they will do through their Solutions, Enterprises, businesses, Art and Social solutions that will take Africa Forward and help reduce poverty.

We can do allot together thats what I believe only if we stand together to push new players also into the market to create and spur growth in various industries that have long been dormant. The existing ones can share ideas to help build quality, quantity and raise the standards of either goods or services that we are providing. We have to just stop thinking only local but also Global.

How can you access the funds follow this link below:

FACT SHEET: U.S. Investment in Entrepreneurship 

Dont let this opportunity pass – Pass it on. Lets us BUILD AFRICA.





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