The Fear of Death

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Late Post:

Today we laid to rest a young girl. Only about afew weeks old. I have been sad at funerals but the past few have been heart wrenching.

Today I did cry. I felt their pain, I felt the many questions they had, “why did this happen to us?” I wondered what if it was us, If we lost our little one, What would we do?, how would we handle it? How would our marriage handle it? The mix of all this emotions was just too overwhelming. As I walked along the graves around I realised that I was on the kids section in the cemetery and many were only alive for but a week or a month, 2 months etc.

The death that I had recently felt like I had overcome, overcame me with its the grip,  fear engulfed me like a feary furnace fire. Death has no remorse for whom it claims. The greatest lesson I took from this is that I have but one life and I must make the best of it. Its not that I deserve better or much more but am grateful to God for my wife, our little one, family and friends.

I cannot determine their day or time but I will choose to treasure every moment and make it count as I don’t know when it may be their last breath or mine for that matter.

I take this extract from a page on the daily bread and I hope it inspires all of us together. It reads ” Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” (Ps.90:12) Lets choose to live as though this were our last moments on earth by loving more deeply, forgiving more readily, giving more generously, and speaking more kindly. Thats how to handle life with care – Joe Stowell.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Norryn says:

    Mind blowing…thanks for sharing Michael. I can feel this

  2. Kathy Mbondo says:

    This strikes right at the heart. Very candid and significant. Well written 🙂

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