Restoring Peace in Northern Kenya

A thought from The book #OUTLIERS Chapter 6

After seeing what happened over the weekend in Mandera and what has continued to ail the Northern region of Kenya, it is quite sad that peace eludes this place and Poverty flourishes. Its been a while now and I couldn’t help think about the root causes.  Kenya just recently got Oil as well as a big aquifer in Turkana. There’s the Alshabab and then there is the inter-clan warfare. But why isn’t peace still restored? In the chapter the writer tries to explain similar patterns in the west, quite a while ago. He tells of the many wars between communities and families in Harlan, Kentucky. The main point to note there is, wars never seem to arise between farming communities but families that are herdsmen. Why is this? Because herders risk loosing everything overnight, unlike a farmer who unless you have so much time, you can harvest an entire field. So then the farmer has no reason to worry.  So maybe then in restoring peace in the Northern part of Kenya, Farming can be a solution as a way to solve the dependence on herding and restore the peace that has always been missing there. Insecurity rises more and more if we are not one as a community and as a country. The communities there will continue to be aggressive against each other unless a longterm solution is found to restore peace. The government also and the community must work together for unity to safeguard our borders.
Photo courtesy of the the Guardian


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