Courtesy has become a rare thing to find in our Nairobi today. We are now more aggressive in our lifestyle and the way we do things depicts that.  For the man in the Nairobi today if your kind and very gentle you may be seen to be having an ulterior motive behind it. If you make an attempt to ask to help a lady in the streets, you may or will be seen to be opportunistic, a thief, a conman or your seeking attention. Help them either way. If you genuinely ask someone that you want to help, there must be something in it for you after that. Even I have found myself believing in that too. Sometimes I can’t just ask anyone for help/assistance, I cannot be offered help and think its for free. Am not sure if the world has changed everywhere? Have we lost our sense of courtesy, kindness and concern for each other? In the many travels I have received genuine help from strangers and it baffles me. A guy just gets into your car and spends the whole day with you to help you find schools wherever your going.

Back in the city the episode on success and life’s achievement is going on. I guess it blinds us and we close our eyes to those next to us. Then life makes us hard to feel emotion or any kind of feeling for each other even when were in dire need for assistance. Either way keep helping others.

As a society we must change, be kind and courteous to each other. You are your brothers/sisters keeper.



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