Commissioned to go – Part 1

A post forgotten to be posted 😉 but so relevant in the present time.

I would like you to pause & think for one minute if really this was your last minute to LIVE.

My wife was just telling me today of a lady pastor who passed on this week, how they had spent some time together only to be informed later in the week that she had passed on. Last week at LUC Rev.Gichinga spoke about being commissioned to go (disciplining the nations & why go), we were even prayed for, My wife and I because we were beginning to feel the nudge to go somewhere, but we didn’t know where. Today we went to Karura Chapel and the message was loud and clear from Pastor Ngari – The Church of Acts and transformational fellowship.

I was sitting today in the congregation and my mind wouldn’t stop to think of how little I have been doing for God even all through life. My wife may say that am already doing enough but sometimes it doesn’t it always seem like that? What does it mean to be Christians? Have I lived like Christ enough to touch a life everyday and to bring salvation to them around me? Well lets think it this way if you don’t know how to preach nor went to seminary, have you been a good example to others, through giving, sharing or spending time, even with family?   I feel there’s much more that I should be doing. More so I feel that some of what I do is driven by the benefit to derive from it. Well I tell myself that we must all earn to make a living but maybe thinking aloud its a scarcity mentality if you give of your time to serve God’s people that you will lack or there wont be enough time for you to fend for your family. Is it too Sacrificial to give of our time and talents even for an hour for another whose only desire is to have hope in life for a better tomorrow? Have I fully given myself to really serve. I think at times its good to reflect and ask yourself if what you are doing is really is giving? Maybe we want to be seen giving, then there is some gratification for the sins we have committed and go back to our wayward lives.

Am fully aware about life’s expectations and how the world is really demanding that we achieve and make it. The so called success of today is limitless, the sky is not even the limit, were now even thinking without a box let alone outside the box.

I feel we should give like the church spoken about in the Bible in the Book of in Acts. This message has been repeated twice now in my recent interactions with the word and more of FAITH. I feel that we must do something about it and am really wondering where to start.



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