Ohh Yee – Christians

Dear Brethren

I write to you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hoping you are all well. I have decided to write to you just as the fellow apostles of Jesus did in the early years to remind each other of what they were called to do. More so to share the challenges they faced as we too are facing.

We have all been called separately for one thing or the other, yet Christians are no longer representing Christ rather the ways of the world. Long have we been identified only by name but not by our actions. The homeless have continued to live without shelter, the hungry-have died of hunger, the orphans have gone on without cloth and the widow has survived on unnoticed.

Can we choose not to turn a blind eye? Can we make an effort to love one another as Christ Loved the church? Days have gone by without us forgiving each other, the pain and hurt is endless.

In the Lords prayer it says – Give us this day our daily bread – Yet we have gone to look for the bread of tomorrow, next week, next year, the year after, for our children and our children’s children who are yet to be born. Ohh Yee of little faith. Isn’t it the father who says that even the birds of the air do not sow yet our Father in heaven still provides for them. How much more will He provide for you every day, yet you toil day in day out hoarding away and refuse to share with your brother. A little goes a long way.

If you have everything – material in every sense and have not loved its all useless.

Can we join hands and make a difference in this Hurting world, just from where we are. Maybe its a neighbor – say hallo to them, maybe its the watchman serve him a meal, maybe its your parents back home – visit them take some shopping, maybe its a sister you haven’t talked to and you hold a grudge visit them.

jesus__disciples_ppForgive one another, love one another and lets serve God as ONE.




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