Oblivious – Think Again


Am asking myself many questions lately of how if at all I have become the product of my society. Have I too become oblivious to the many challenges of those that are near me or family and turned a blind eye to them? Have I said this LITTLE words  Its none of my Business? Maybe its because there is just too much oblivion from the top of government to the down trodden poor in our world today.

The poorer getting poorer and the richer getting richer. I believe that there should be someone who should fight for them. Maybe lets say it this way if then theres no robinhood of this day in age, those God has blessed should not be oblivious of those without. Even in the bible it is said the poor will always be among us. By the way poor is relative as poverty is of different kinds. #justthinking

I found the image herein on Capitalist Pyramid – How true is it?

The governments rule us that’s for sure. The present day Church has been fooling many who have refused to read and understand the word for themselves. Well we haven’t been short of violence in present days and people being short at. Then there the growing gap between the rich and poor, growing bigger every day. Mhhh so what should we do?



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