An African Green Dream


I have just woken up. Its 7:01am Monday 3rd of June 2013. The weekend was amazingly busy with so much to do and so many places to go. I enjoyed it allot. At last my wife and I watched Fast & Furious 6, they lied it was 3D, that wasn’t so cool but the 2d either way was still good. I thought I was a bit dizzy when we got out but it was definitely a thrill.

 Have you ever had a dream and you woke up to tell about the dream only to realize that your still in the dream?  I had one such dream last night and I must share it with you, though its bits and pieces of what is in my memory now.

We were seated somewhere in the middle of discussions about Africa as a continent and the challenges that we were currently facing at the time. Yes Africa is rising but we were looking at the sustainability of it all with so many constructions, buildings coming up in and out of the Central Business District, as well as gated communities. There was so much happening and not enough was being done to control it. Africa was blaming a lot of its problems to the West who were investing in it. There were many issues being addressed in the discussion even mining and fossil fuels and the many resources we had over-exploited of Africa.

These talks and discussions took sometime to go through as we had little or no support from the massive population in Africa who could help us. It seemed a lot like TED talks but it happened outside or in the forests. So we decided to start slowly to go it all around Africa; to make the continent self sustaining and also empower the community so
that they reduce the over use of the resources. So we started where we new it best, we started by planting trees and it took a while and allot of effort from all those whom we were working with. Not to mention countless talks on how to change Africa.

Normally in most dreams you never get to see the final part, but in this one I really did get a good taste of it. We had a final talk in the middle of the forest and we rose up to the highest point and looked down on the area we had planted the trees. WOW it was beautiful; so beautiful that when I woke up in my mind I knew there was nothing that I had seen such as that in my entire life. All the places and forests that I had visited were nothing close to what we had done.

 It seemed many had realized what we were tying to do for Africa and had joined us. From homes in the country side to the homes in the city it was so beautiful and green and all the pollution had been reduced by far.



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  1. James Sukhan says:

    Michael I enjoyed reading this piece and hope to see your dream come true one day! God Bless.

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