Only by Faith

I just got home after attending midweek service. Its not been an easy road this past week working day & night. Theres allot happening and sometimes it tends to swallow away the joys of everyday living. At my Fathers House my joy has been restored just by the thought of how much His favor has been upon my life & my soon to be wife. Am amazed how 2012 has been a year of learning all about Faith.

We at times easily forget of how much we have received or God has done for us, am a victim of that. Complaining that I dont have this or that and after I get it I easily forget. Today I find peace in reviewing how much God has done for me just this past few months. My Mountains have moved to yonder and the valleys are level plains all because of FAITH.

It doesnt come easily, just the other day I had forgotten again and was wondering how will I survive once I finish my term where am working. Where shall I go? I sit here restored of the Hope and joy of knowing my God loves me. His reminder of how continually He shall provide for me & my family. Only this year did I have time to visit Ethiopia at the World Economic Forum and have a chance to meet with many world leaders. It wasnt my own doing, neither did I have them plan to have a breakfast with President Kagame. In every session we had I just found myself at the right place at the right time with the right people. Indeed am Blessed to have had the chance. I learnt allot and I give the Glory to God for all that He is doing in my lifetime & time again its all to HIM.

When I think about it I wonder what kind of favor is this that our God abounds for us. If we just believe, I dont have much nor do I see myself very special to deserve all this yet My God does it even more & more. I wish the same for my brothers & sisters, friends and family. People I have met along the walks of life, people you can tell apart from their willingness & outright clean Hearts that just Humble you away. They have no speck of pride nor will they be compared to anything I have been or have thought myself to be. We all have a past and sometimes it haunts us until we are forgiven.

We Must Start Somewhere

I write this because I know we all must start somewhere, someone needs encouragement. Someone out there needs to know God only needs you as you are. I tell you for a fact that He just wants to use you as you are with what you have in your hand. Half of the things that I have been doing I have done with little or very minimal resources. We have come from far, some stories are not worth telling they cause pain. #WatuHutokaMbali. Some people we have been together with during those hard times can attest to it. Where your down and there is no more down you can go because your past the basement.

Somethings we do are not meaningful and are driven by greed or the need for acknowledgment or money itself. In my many years in Rotaract I have always thought of my mouth to be too quick to speak instead of keeping quite. I ended up commiting to helping someone and that’s how I landed myself into active roles in Rotaract. To help our club do its magazine and also create a facebook page. That saw me go all the way to presidency and then District Conference chair in many projects that I just sit and smile asking how did we do it? This also led to being selected as a Global Shaper and attending world forums to discuss world issues that I only saw on the news and didnt think I had it in me to be there in the first place.

By faith we as Remnants have been selected but we have to have a wiling heart to serve. Its not for the money but for the furtherance of the Kingdom. Focus on the things that are Eternal and you will find more joy in service than in many things you will ever do.

Therefore each and everyone of us has a special gift within our hearts that the Lord wants to use, we must have the FAITH to act now and work on it. Get out of the comfort zone, see a need that needs to be met and rise up to the challenge. Am currently reading Mother Teresa’s biography and am amazed. Its just one day she woke up & just LEFT. To discover Calcutta and help the poor of the poor. What are you being called to this day to do for your country, community, church, world as YOU. Simple as you are with what you have at HAND. Ever heard that Man is his own greatest enemy? its a FACT and very true. My own personal battles have been the worst than actual fights. Battles from within of asking yourself am I good enough for this? God hands you an opportunity and it sets you back to first think, am I really good enough for this? Yet He is your God and He knows you all too well. This makes you HUMBLE because you know its not you.

Faith so real that you can tell this is God, that’s how REAL this faith am talking about will be. Faith so real that you can tell REALLY its not you nor your hard work nor anything about you that may have allowed you to receive such favor, Grace, forgiveness or LOVE.

I let myself go now to do His will. Just the other day I visited Switzerland, I didn’t get lost LOL. My first trip out of the African continent. Many who know me are aware that I just want to go to India #ThatsAll. I realize more and more that’s its not my will now but His will be done in my life. What am saying is, some paths you just cant set them by yourself they are ordained and will come to pass. STOP ASKING MANY QUESTIONS- GOD KNOWS YOU. On coming back I got a bountiful of opportunities for work, for service, to learn to share, to live and to love. I can’t even begin to tell of what next month will be like. The trials have also been many and through those hard times my FAITH has grown.

Am getting married next year and I have seen the hand of God. A good woman comes from GOD. Getting one was more less a dream but I have found one. I pray the same to those who are looking for equally partners. Ladies and gents searching wishing to find that right person whom they can say I LOVE YOU and mean it and they will take you as you are with or without. How I cherish this moments. As far as I can remember that’s all I ever wished for and seemed to always do the wrong thing, only to find that right one person NOW.

What kind of Faith is this that were being asked to have? Faith that can move mountains. Am moved by how worship just ushers us near to God, sited at the Church pew and thinking God is out there listening it amazes me. Am thinking of my friends whom I see and think highly of. Explaining sometimes is really hard to tell them how I see them happy and how much my only wish for them is to find that wonderful JOY in God and Let Christ into their lives and just begin to experience what am experiencing.

 We just been called, not called for mediocre lives but to live lives that are different that have a PURPOSE. If we just have a little FAITH we can move a mountain to YONDER. Just believe.



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