Defying all odds….

Today was a wonderful day. Started off pretty early. The morning prayers with my fiancé really meant allot in allowing us to experience God in the most amazing of ways.

A time like this just a week ago I came from Switzerland; in the wildest of dreams never did I imagine that I could have travelled there. Yes I have come from the village and it didn’t define me as a person not to SERVE. Its service to GOD that has brought me this far and I still choose to keep going on.

Am amazed about what prayer can do, today was a day of fasting and really had a wonderful evening at church as well as the prayer group. I learnt allot about God and what He has called us as His children to be. This past few weeks life has given me afew lemons, I choose to make lemonade. The true essence of The Man are being established – Provider, Protector, Prophet and Priest of his home.

Learning about serving is amazing – the more you give the more you receive. I went to msamaria mwema this evening a home for some kids. They are about 22 from different parts of Kenya. I got out of the whole situation more than I went to give.

There this kid, can’t remember his name, he didn’t have 3 front teeth but wore this funny bunny looking costume with a tail. He smiled with his all with his heart. He didn’t have a worry in the world. Life has become so worrying, so fast, so cliché, so plastic, so unreal and so many so sooooo’s.

Its Thursday but I feel like I got a boost or injection into my immune system to live life large – J

We work 24-7-365 yet what we’re working for does not bring as much joy as we think it aught to. Half of the time were doing what we never meant to do in our lives but only realize it when it’s way too late. What we FEAR is taking the first step, defying all odds and standing to be counted as those who set out on a path where there was none.

We must pray, we must meditate, we must endeavor to reach within the depths of our hearts to seek that which is real & within us that can really represent who we are. Sometimes it seems so unreal this world were living in – But its real and its only for a time and a season.

The joy I feel in an evening of 2 hours cannot be compared to winning a lottery yet this JOY didn’t come with a million dollars, I would term this as the kind of happiness that I would want for me & my family as we serve God and serve His people till the day were done.

I sometimes wonder even about history, the guys who gave the most or SERVED or gave themselves up to defy all odds are just immortal in our present lives.

Indeed the day has been wonderful. When we sit back and get to read this, choose to reflect on where you are what your doing, what your purpose and is it only for you or for others….

Choose to defy all odds and make a difference…..


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