Can I as a Rotaractor be differentiated from the rest?

We recently had our club meeting as we were launching the Community service projects for the year. I sat back and thought how far we have come to reach where we are as RCNC. I thought to myself, what have we achieved as Rotaract and what part have we played in shaping the face of Rotaract in? what we envision it to be.

What do I see for Rotaract? – achievement, empowerment, self sufficiency, ability to do all that we can do with what we have. It is very disheartening to see fearful faces, with the fear of not being able to leave the beach and set sail in new waters or the blue oceans ahead.

We would say very many things but the truth of the matter is it all begins with you.

To be a Rotaractor means you have to be set apart from the rest, you to be differentiated by the values that you stand for. Its not a mater of status or finance or those that have and don’t have. You just have to have a willing heart that can give. You can serve willingly and with no doubt in mind what you are doing is right.

Look at the value systems that we leave by in the present days, the west eagerly trying to reshape its society as the developing countries try to imitate the West that has discovered its own faults.

Can we be set apart from the rest and those around, can we resolve our disputes, can we think of solutions but not just complain without doing anything.

What do I see as the District Conference Chair with my role and where we are?

Looking back to where Rotaract in D9200 has reached we need to learn from each other. Look at Uganda with their pomp, colour and vigor in service, commitment, parties and floss.

Look at Kenya with its dynamically shaped people, a thriving economy with such a high prospect of growth in the next few years already projected. This are just but 2 countries, we have 5 in D9200 though we are dividing the district.

Look at it from where you are, what have you as a Rotaractor managed to do? How much of the juice have you gotten from your orange. How much of an impact have you made from where you are and from where you come from? Are there times you wish that you could do much more but you are not able?

The time is now to do that which you have been called to do TO SERVE. 19-30 year olds only have about 10 years in between. I have served for about 7years but have only realized the full potential of what I had all along in the past 2 years. Why take so long to realize it, am just but lucky to have found favor with God to do much in my year as president, to have a great team and support from other clubs.

Looking back at the opportunities we may have lost in the years past, maybe a few more lives would have been saved with the current famine situation. A few of those who are suffering from floods in various parts of the country would have been reached out to before they all drown to their deaths.

Why care so much? Because you have role to play, its not about the government, your fore fathers, the city council and its not about you only. Its about the world that you live in and the role you have to play in living right to make a change and change begins with you.




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  1. killinglifesoftly says:

    Great article, Mike! This is why I am joining Rotaract… because of this challenge that you have posed to the world…

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