My journey Home – Part 1 The Testimony


I recently found a tweet by one of my friends that read “Journey to salvation”. It was actually a week ago. Today I searched for it and read it all. Its on ( This gave me the inspiration to write this. I normally write once am inspired. So here goes.

My Journey home begun way ahead of time too and am really surprised by how God works in us for His purpose. I grew up from a Christian family, last born in a family of 5. 3 girls 2 boys. I had the word with me always, in the church plays, Sunday school and at home. From where I am right now and as I reflect back am humbled by the experiences and the years it has taken to get here.

There is a whole difference between Christianity and being religious, I wish to factor in also being Christlike. There are many Christians out there caught up in the doctrines of the way the “Neo” church is today and what it has developed into. Example is the prosperity gospel and the false prophets. We would be lieing to ourselves and utterly plain ignorant to think that the end times are not here with us.

July is a special month for me. Well I have been saved for 2 years now, my anniversary is on 9th July. I quite smoking on July 2nd, 4th of July is now a special day for me and a special someone and I was born on July 23rd. 9th coincides with my Handover to the new Rotaract President the ceremony is in Mombasa, so what a better way to mark such a special day. 23rd will be at Hotsprings Girls high school for mentorship.

When I look at what am experiencing now I can only relate it to His Mercy and Grace. I have been through hell and back. Been beaten, hurt, crushed , fired, and somewhat lost my memory for a section of my life. Well some think am just fooling around but just the other day I was asking about what or who I was when I was in high school. Who was my best friend? Did I have some swagger? Was I good in class? Did I have a girlfriend? Was I good in sports? This are some of the questions I had.

During one of the weekend challenge that schools hold, I had given my life to Christ after a dude in form 3 named Sammy told us the world was ending that Saturday. Myself and my compartment mate quickly gave our lives in the fear of the fiery furnace and the acquaintance with the grim ripper. I remember writing a letter to my dad and telling him of my life’s transformation. He has always told me of that letter which he keeps in his private briefcase back at home in the village.

Along the way I became complacent and got myself in allot of trouble while still in school. I was then sent out of school and there begun some of the hardest moments of my life.

Due to the inconsistency in the timeliness for school, I stayed out of term 2 of form 2 and went straight to the term 3 the last month. I was number 2 in the exam that we did in form 2 and went straight to form 3. Well in a way I believe this was favor. Maybe I would have been asked to repeat had I told them that I never sat for 2nd term and was out of school.

I remember most of this time I spent getting high or playing basketball. The only 2 things that made me relax and I was good at.
I still believe basketball is my 1st love; here on earth but yes lately I know other key areas in my life have taken centre stage.
Now more than ever I do identify with the kids who are in school are doing drugs, I can actually pick them out. The habits are the same, traits and behaviors around others are the same. Times again have changed the youth this days do not listen yet the mistakes they are making are still the same as the ones others made generations ago.

So overall being in a mixed school that striked every so often, again I spent more time home than at school. My parents were fed up and there was no hope whatsoever. I remember moments of despair and the frustrations that came with it. The many smokes we took by the toilet over breaktime with the boys, girls that I saw come and drop out of school due to pregnancy and the low quality of education we had.
In this new school I didnt have my 1st Love so I took up Taekwondo which was a way of releasing the pressure.
All this time I felt like I was running, or I was leaving in someones life, or maybe felt like I was a hypocrite leaving a double life.

This is when I begun to disconnect with everything and get into my own world of realization.


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  1. John Seno says:

    GOD is the ultimate deliverer 🙂

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