Movies in March 2011


Harry Potter

Just the other day I watched Harry Potter the whole sequel. I liked it so much, only to be told by 2 friends that the books were much more better. Either way am not reading the books.

Then theres a new harry potter or so am told. Havent seen it though.

Lord of the Rings

Am in progress of watching them all on am the fellowship of the ring 🙂

Chronicles of Narnia

I watched this one yesterday and loved it. Was tired of seeing the previews at Nakumatt Junction. AM sure you know of the Appliances shop just after you get in on your left. All they run on those big screens is Chronicles of Narnia. Maybe someone may have seen me staring at one point or another on 3d. I watched it jana till like midnight. Today Am watching 2 then hopefully 3 if I dont doze off. I just like the tale.

Just movies

The Social Network

The Mechanic

Transformers 1

Transformers 2

The way back



Outsourced – Very funny. Reminds me of India

I wana watch :-

Alice in wonderland – I havent watched the review just cause of the name. Tihihih Thats all.

Unknown – soo interesting still haven’t got it.


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