FEB 28 Kenya 1pm

I write this in lack of fear of critism, the last composition or insha I wrote was a typical disaster. Am not much of a blogger either nor can i be compared to Wamathai or Potenash with their prowess in writtign skills coupled by poetry. I tweet & FB is part of my life that covers the gap. I get to Jevanjee gardens just afew minutes to 1pm. I see lots of people. A thought or 2 comes mind “kwani this thing was a hoax?” Has social media played a trick once again. You expect a mammoth crowd only to get a few handfulls just sitting on the benches. Hungry, unemployed, sick, tired, strugling and near desperation faces. I dont like seing this faces.It feels me with sorrow for I have been there before and I know what it is like. I wondered if this is the “Peculiar Kenyan Habits” I was reading about on Sunny Bindras book just today in the morning. Was I being prepared for this? Am I makign Kenya part of my problem and trying to provide a solution. Well we often never fall short of taking each other for a ride.

I go round, 1st to the smoking zone. The smoke is the only indicator of oneness there. This guys love the cancer ride to their deaths should I make it part of my problem. I think not.

I walk past one of the statues, far end a preacher is screemeing at the tops of his lungs to an absent minded audience. They look like they are not listening but am sure they are. The scripture has a way to the heart whether its being delivered by a mad man or a saint. There seems to be no activity and a feeling of despair checks in. Another preacher, other faces of desperation. Some sleeping on the benches and on the grass. Others passing through.

This is an image of what I had come to sing about My country. Kenya only.For the 1st time in my adult life had i felt Kenyan like I had a say. Since the post election violence & during some steeplechase thing on TV thats the other time I played a role in bringing peace. Well cant remeber who was racing and where but they broke the record and they put as somewhere on the world map.

This now brings me to the question of why come sing in solidarity with the rest of this kenyans its lunch time for cryign out loud. There are more Kenyans who seemed less aware of what was going on or neither did they care what was planned. Their problems come first then the country.I reach to the farthest corner. Its like a lap of honour that I once was accustom to when I went out clubbing.

Just then I see a guy light in complection, a lady chocolatish & a few guys with white A4 papers. I have to ask if this is it. I ask the lady since the guy walks away. I look out for Kabbz, on his tweet earlier he had said he will be here. As was Cotu chairman Atwoli going to Gikomba.The lady says come lets gather the people and sing. I go to the rest of the guys, they looked preety much chilled.This other part is what Really gets me worked up the notice to the detail.

Only afew seem to have come from the office, the rest seem to have been outdoors for a while. Their shoes can tell the story,I see in their eyes too. They are in hunger. Yet they are here to show support.

Two tall ladies check in. One seems she was born here but of english descent the other looks very “Nairobery” & beautiful. 2 other chicks ‘they are from campo’ they join us. A few dudes also gather around and were almost there.

The dude whom seemed the organiser waklign towards him, I take the A4 papers and help out in the distribution.Its about 1:15pm the lead lady leads us. It the Kiswahili version. I like :). We go at it.

Some are readign from their A4s since they cant remember it well. Singing along I realise that am too loud, lowering my voice I sing the words in Prayer sending them straight up to the almighty. Can he justs save our souls? I wonder.

We finish the song and the dude again who was talking photos as we sung says it a wrap. As we depart he is called back to the group of men who seem not to be living anytime soon. The ask him “why are you takign photos without our permission?” ANother goes. “Where is lunch? ” Jokingly he says the lunch was the anthem. Well clearly it doesnt go down well from smile to frown. One fo the guys says “hii ni bunge ya mwananchi” whatever that means I know its time for my walk away. As I had presumed this guys had seen better days and they need a Kenya that will give them hope, they also need to have hope and create opportunities for themselves.

I walk to growers cafe where I have lunch with a workmate. We havent muttered a word and we have walked from Jevanjee all the way to Hazina towers. Allots on his mind I guess.Have taken abit of time to digest & injest to write this as a way of expression to how I felt Kenyan even if it was for just afew minutes.



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